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Footy is back

It's time to put away the cricket whites, and the zinc. It's footy time again!

I'm genuinely excited to see the development of the women's game, on a national and a grassroots level.

As a father of 2 girls, knowing they will have a pathway to football if they so chose it makes me very happy. I could feel the passion with which these girls were playing, the hits had venom, the kicks had purpose , the spray given by the Harvey Bulls captain to the poor lass who didn't chase hard enough and let her team down had some genuine feeling, it meant something...

I struck up a conversation with a spectator, who happened to be there watching his wife play, we spoke about how the next generation of girls coming in are also bringing a new audience of fathers and grandfathers to watch the girls play and that to me is a great sign for the growth of the games! Go get em girls!!

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